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Last summer and fall, there was a house in my neighborhood that had the most gorgeous deliah blooms. Everyday, I would walk by that house just to get a peek at these beauties. One day, I happened to see the owner working in his yard and told him how much joy his flowers brought for passersby like me. We exchanged a few pleasantries and he expressed interest in sharing his bulbs for the next season if I would like. I thanked his generosity and moved on.

This evening, after a long break, I took a stroll and the neighbor was planting the bulbs in his yard. And he had remembered! He had saved a few bulbs and happily gave them to me. I am beyond thrilled and touched by the generosity of this person. I only hope that I do justice to his bulbs and nurture them as much as he did.

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What’s up with me?

  • Work, work, too much work; change is hard but the only constant.
  • Chills, cold, cough, fever; health is truly wealth.
  • Take out, left overs, some cooking; nice break from routine.
  • Perennials sprouting here and there, always a visual treat!
  • Back to on street car parking, what relief!
  • Hari made it to Varsity baseball, hip hip hurray to hard work and perseverance.
  • Ram guitar debut in the school variety show, a big milestone!
  • NYC trip with a dear friend, hoping for more in the years to come!
  • Dance is elusive; I have taken a break from chasing it.
  • Never got up to speed on resolutions; starting over is super hard.
  • What I call as bonding, he calls as scolding; different points of view?