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Real yet so surreal

I recall my first ever appointment with my PCP in the US. As someone who has gone only for sick appointments back home, the concept of wellness appointment was amusing. The doctor had said I would have to get my pap smear done but that I still had many years for my first mammogram. I vividly remember that moment. Squirming and dreading about the pap smear, I had no idea what a mammogram was and had no curiosity to know more about it. It was something to think about sometime in the distant future. It was something older people went through. Fastforward 18 years, I was sitting in the waiting room, with only a hospital top to lend me dignity, feeling vulnerable in front of a stranger. The future that felt so distant, was right there. The risk that I thought I was immune to felt so real as the machine pressed against me. The experience was so real yet surreal.

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