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Vacation rant

The non-stop, never ending list of things that one needs to do while going away on vacation.

The cooking and cleaning. The produce that needs to be salvaged. Planning meals and snacks for the road. Meal prep for back to work week. The chopping and freezing.

The laundry cycle until the very last minute. The counting of undergarments, the sorting by day, the packing by sequence of events. And did I forget the toiletries.. the brush, paste, floss, soap, sunscreen, deodorant, eczema cream, moisturiser, the sanitizer. Books, activity books, toys. and the chargers.

Things to pack for car..throws, energy drinks, trash bags, pull overs.

Arranging for mail to be picked, trash to be left out and plants to be watered.

Safe keeping of items. Setting timer on for lights. Locking, securing.

Arranging back up at work. Clearing pending work and giving knowledge share.

No pain, no gain!

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