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Home here, home there

A few days back I was listening to an Indian news podcast and it occured to me that I was listening to it more intently than I normally would. It was not the subject that slowed me down but the accent that felt foreign. I couldn’t follow the news as effortlessly although I speak with the very same accent day in and day out. It was a disturbing realization.

Fast forward a few weeks, I am here in India. Many many things have changed since I grew up. I too have changed a lot as a person. In spite if it all, that feeling of being at home and the feeling that you belong here is as strong as it ever was. Deep deep gratitude.

2 thoughts on “Home here, home there

  1. So true- I catch myself reading subtitles which are usually turned on for my daughter’s sake. Hope your Dad is healing well Maha🌞❤️🙏
    > >

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