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Good old friends

Today, I am thankful for the opportunity to meet friends who warm my heart.

A couple of them went to high school with me. They arrived bright and early at my place so they could see my parents as well. I felt such a rush of affection for them as we smiled to a selfie.

In the evening, I met with another close friend of mine, one of the strongest and fiercely independent women I have ever known. It was a joy to see her in her turf, and giggling over a plate of delicious adai.

There must be something called as being age blind because with these three, time has stood still. The fact that we are older, heavier, and greyer did not seem to take away the feeling that it felt like yesterday that were the goofy teenagers that we were.

It’s a delight to bond with friends that you grew up with as a grown up. Who are you? What’s your perspective on something? What are your values? How do you fit in? Who are your cherished ones? Discussing some of life’s big questions, implicitly or explicitly, and in doing so, you discover friendships all over again.

Gratitude from the depths of my heart for good old friendships that renew and rejuvenate.

4 thoughts on “Good old friends

  1. Ahhh this touched my heart. With such friendships, there is such an eternal quality right? As though even time stands still and then dissolves ❤️🙏

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