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Unplugged, NOT!

I am on the other side of the ocean but I get to hear Ram practice guitar and recite his Tamil poem, I am able to catch up with Hari on his days’ happenings, I am able to take care of time sensitive committments back home, I have a sense for what’s going on at my work place, and I text Da reminding him to wish a good friend on his birthday.

For all the bad press that technology receives, where would we be without smart phones and internet? I know we have thrived and excelled in low-tech era and that smart phones have created new problems. The finger pointing should be on humans (mis)managing technology not technology itself.

I am thankful that I was able to travel without lugging my laptop. That WiFi and smart phones are now affordable commodities. That I can see my family at the click of a button.

One thought on “Unplugged, NOT!

  1. Me too ..and every year it gets better and better.

    Of course, human nature tends to be addictive- so finding balance is key.

    Love lots xo

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