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Catching up

I am in the last leg of my India trip. I am indulging myself with all things that I associate with India – family, friends, food, shopping, and boatload of memories. By the same token, I am so ready to fly back to my nest and cosy up with my flock.

Making up for the four days I did not post.

– so very greatful to my sis-in-law, Aaru, for coming down to Chennai around my convenience and for inspiring me to be kind and nice while being smart and getting things done.

– thankful to my niece and nephew for showering their affection on me and for allowing me to take liberties with them.

– gratitude to appa and amma for giving me the space to do all the things I had not originally planned but ended up doing during this trip. Not to mention the Kanji maavu, sambar podi, the milaga podi, and the chocolate burfi that will be traveling with me.

– greatful to mother nature for gracing us with good weather. Three years back when we had visited in November, it was raining cats and dogs.

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