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Little moments

As I am wrapping up my last day here, I send a heartfelt thank you to the powers above. So many things had to fall in place for me to have the experience I had and not for a minute do I take it for granted.

Recounting the little moments that made my trip.

– Exclusive time with appa and amma in their turfs like my undergrad years

– Glimpse of Da and the kids on WhatsApp and exchanging updates

– Reconnecting with friends and cousins and understanding their life here.

– Bhelpuri and Chat papdi. Rava dosai and Irani chai. Paneer soda and nanaro shatbath. Kathrika kai and more katharikai. Guava and Sita pazham

– Window shopping at spencers, real shopping at Sundari silks.

– Tirupathi Devasthanam and Sharadambal kovil

– Conversation with auto and taxi drivers – two way exchange of information

– helping amma discover the world of smart phones

Wrappung up for now.

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