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Continuing with gratitude prompts

Nov. 23 – What do you like about the current season? That it gives us more opportunities to be under the same roof without the temptations to stay outdoors for extended periods. No chauffeuring around for different sports related activities. There is spring and summer to look forward to. 

Nov. 24 – What happened today that you are grateful for? I shook my inertia and pushed myself to catch up on my weekend chores – chopping veggies, which seemed like a never ending task, getting chapati dough ready, and making salad boxes. My future self would be very thankful for sweating it out during the weekend so the weekday routine can flow seamlessly. It was not easy but I am thankful I picked up my slackness. 

Nov. 25 – What about your home are you grateful for? The people who live in it, without them the home would be a house, all stuff and no spirit. 

Nov. 26 – What do you love about your parents? When it was time, they let go of me with grace, and with full faith in my abilities. They gave me the space and freedom to become the person I am today. Eternally grateful for that.

2 thoughts on “Continuing with gratitude prompts

  1. Beautiful Maha…esp. the last. Thank you for always joining me in this monthly ritual. So grateful to have you in my life. Happy Thanksgiving… 🌞😘❤️🙏 ps- email to follow soon xox

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