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Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. So much to be grateful for, most of all to be drenched in love and kindness. Today, everyday, and always! 

How did you spend your day today? I slowed down, read, cleaned, talked, and relaxed. 

  • Read Daddykins, a poignant memoir set in Chennai. Heartwarming!
  • Whatsapp with appa and amma. Reassuring!
  • Catching up with my niece and nephew. Endearing!
  • Deep cleaning Ram’s room while catching up on podcasts. Productive!
  • Nice long conversation with a good friend. Authentic!
  • Temple visit with the family. Bliss!
  • Veggie podi dosai, vadai for dinner at the temple. Happiness!
  • Watching Percy Jackson with the family. Togetherness!

Hope you all had a day that was as special as mine.

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