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I am dusting the cobwebs on the Little Moments Thursday series in an attempt to see where it takes me. The point of this series is to celebrate the little moments, the small wins, and the life lessons with an attitude of gratitude. I love this series because as I recount the moments that filled me, I relive them. I also like it because it has the unintentional benefit of jotting down the everyday details of my life, which normally fades into oblivion over time.  

So what am I celebrating this week? 

  • NOW. This moment. Right here, right now. Ram and I are next to each other in the bunk bed, he lost in the world of Rick Riordon and I wrapped in my sleep robe. Hari and Da are in the home office doing their thing. It’s the end of a long tiring day. We have not caught up with each other. There are a million things that need to be discussed and we will over time. Right now, we want to be the master of this moment, doing what we want, not what we have to. 
  • Ram is getting into the rhythm of learning guitar. Lately he has been asking me to sing for a piece that he is learning. Can’t tell you how much fun it is to bond over music! I so love it when he tells me I am off track. That means he must know what it is to be on track, right?
  • I had a successful client meeting this week. I was a bundle of nerves because it was on a  topic that I had no expertise in but was expected to be an expert. I stepped outside my comfort zone, and worked day and night on that. 
  • Holiday parties – movie screening this past weekend, work holiday party!

More to write but have to stop here because I have been summoned to cuddle and snuggle by the littlest human in our house. Tudlu for now…!

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