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Some career advise

The local Indian Americans association conducted a college workshop for middle schoolers and high schoolers that centered around giving exposure to different professions and how there are multiple pathways to get there. Although it was targeted for a much younger audience, I found the discussion very relevant for adults and life in general. Sharing some wisdom that resonated with me, and passing along to you. 

    • Combine your different passions, it will allow you to be directed in a meaningful manner. Think about your career in terms of four dimensions – what you love, what you are good at, what you can get paid for, what the world needs. If you can find something that has at least two of these components, that’s something. 
    • Every step of the way matters, explore in whatever ways you can, try to find what you love, no education goes to waste.
    • Every job has its good and bad days. If you are you able to love your job even on the bad days, then that’s something. 
    • Key to career for folks starting out is to have good mentors. Find people who can help you open your eyes to how you can apply your passion.
    • Learning in the smallest manner matters. Take advantage of opportunities, even if it’s small, even if it’s boring… it will add up to the person you would want to be.
    • Stay curious, it’s ok to not know where it takes you
    • Find what interests you. Mix and match your skills to find something that works for you. 
    • Definition of what success means to you will change over your lifetime
    • We grow better and faster by learning, sharing and making connections
    • One way to think about your career choice is – what problem do you want to solve for, how do you want to contribute, how can you qualify for it? 
    • Allow yourself to change your mind. Go to a college that allows you to explore. Explore and making connections are the two most important things you can do in college. Non-linear careers paths are more common than you think. 
    • You may not know what you like, but you may know what you do not like, and that’s a good starting point. 
    • Practice having authentic conversation, look people in the eye, take genuine interest, learn to build trust, and make connection in the moment. This the most difficult thing to do but the most important thing you can learn to do. People always remember how you make them feel.




2 thoughts on “Some career advise

  1. Your posts are so meaningful Maha. I read this last week, meant to comment and just got the chance. I showed this to my daughter too…print and hang somewhere to read over and over again. Thank you, my dear. Happy holidays to you and family.🌞❤️🙏

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    1. That makes me happy UL. It was a very informative session and I gained a lot of value out of it!

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