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Brrr……!! We are freezing here in this part of the world. Winter has just begun and we have already had two snow days. Taking stock of little moments for the week.

  • I tiptoe to Hari’s room to see if he has woken up for the day. Unexpectedly,  I am treated to the sight of Ram curling up with Hari. My cute and cuddly boys!
  • Another one of the guitar sessions with Ram. “Amma if you think you need to catch a breath when you are singing, you can breathe as you sing…”  He goes on to imitate how to do that and it’s so cute and funny.
  • Lighthearted conversations with a close friend. There is no therapy better than laughing at once own silliness and imperfections with a buddy. Don’t you agree? 
  • Hari: I don’t want snow day because I like the warm and fuzzy feeling from going to school (it’s all sarcasm) Ram: Oh yeah, then how about you get more of that warm and fuzzy feeling by going to Sunday school Hari: No, I want you to experience the warm and fuzzy feeling. How can I take that away from you? Ram: It’s ok Hari, I can do that for you. I will just be miserable at home playing video games.
  • I loved the paneer paratha,” exclaimed both the kids at different times. If you are a parent, you would know that getting lunch right is like winning a jackpot.

Wrapping up for now. Take care!

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