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Little Moments

After almost a month of silence, I am back with my Little Moments for the week.  

  • The big news this week is our kadai kutti has started wearing prescription glasses. A couple of months back when we got a letter from the school regarding vision screening, his eyes welled up at the mention of wearing glasses. He simply didn’t want to be the boy who wore glasses. No amount of coaxing made it an acceptable outcome. But in no time, the resistance melted away, just like that. How do kids do that? What is the knack for not getting trapped in mental narratives? The possibility of wearing glasses made him sad that day, he experienced the sadness in all its fullness. Once done, he simply moved on. He picked a frame exactly like his anna and has been thrilled to bits with his new look and the ability to read long distance. 
  • At Sunday school, I reminded one of my students, who was perpetually late for all her submissions, about an upcoming deadline. She turned to me and confessed, “It must be frustrating to have to repeatedly follow up with me when you have other things to take care of. I am really sorry about that. I am not good at remembering things.” LOVED the honesty and I was so proud of her for being aware of and owning up her shortcoming. 
  • Reading City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. I am still in the first few chapters but it has been a pleasure. It’s a book with glitz and glamour and has a certain  playfulness to it. It has brought me much needed lightness at the end of long intensive work days. 
  • Sunday school mid term is coming up. That is about the only time that I sit with Ram for academics. We are learning about Indus Valley Civilization and the Vedic age. The caste system, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. Teaching is such a fulfilling and elevating experience. My heart brims with joy after each of these sessions, be it 1:1 with Ram or in a classroom environment at Sunday school. 

Hope you are all had a good week. What little moments made your week?

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