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Covid Chronicles

The past two days have been business as usual at our end or at least that’s what I have been telling myself. Work has been relentless for Da and I. The school has advised us to treat these two weeks as snow days, so it’s pretty much AVK (avithu vitta kazhudhai) days for them. Hari is grown up enough to plan his day. Ram and I put a schedule together consisting of  things he wants to do and things he has to do. Both of them are used to being on their own during vacation days, so this is not unusual routine for them. They don’t terribly miss the socializing part because they are soaking in each others’ company. Ram gets to meet his Destination Imagination friends virtually and today another family took the initiative to organize a virtual Dungeon and Dragon play date. After wrapping up work, the boys have been trying their hands on making dinner. And then together, the four of us binge watch British Bakery Show. Between work and kids, the day is quite full. 

All seems fine and dandy as long as we are cocooned in our tiny little world. I can almost convince myself that everything is normal. Except when I turn the TV on or hop on to social media, reality hits me like a ton of bricks. A sense of gloom and doom overtake me.

I sigh. It is what it is. I can do what is required of me and my family. Today, it is to just stay home, cherish my family, and be productive.

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