Little Moments in Covid Times

It has only been a week but feels like a lifetime has passed since our lives turned upside down. Even in these overwhelming times, there are moments of joy and delight if only we are able to surrender to the present moment. Recounting the little moments that brought lightness to my week.

  • Social distancing has brought us closer as a family. Having all of us huddled under the same roof in these distressing times has been comforting. The kind of feeling you get when you wrap yourself in a soft blanket or an old sweater. Warm and cosy.
  • Spring is here! The sight of perennials, the touch of crisp air, and the predictability of the changing seasons. A constant in uncertain times. 
  • Binge watching British Bakery Show with the family and Parks & Recreation with Hari. I do wish we spent some of that time playing board games or doing something more actively as a family. But you know what? This is a phase, right now this is our family favorite, and I have decided to revel in it. We all LOVE it! 
  • Working with sunlight streaming through the glass window while plonked on the bean bag. I love my work space, if it can be called that. It’s casual, just the way I like it.
  • Anthoni Fauci, 79-year old immunologist in Trump’s task force. He is a voice of reason that I have come to trust over the past few days. He has a way of putting facts in perspective without causing a sense of alarm about it while nudging the public to act in a responsible manner. Imagine doing that! 

I hope you were able to see the little moments in your life despite the turbulent times we live in. Take care, be healthy, stay home!

2 thoughts on “Little Moments in Covid Times

    1. That we are in this together makes a difference!

      On Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 7:05 AM Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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