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Covid Chronicles – Start of Second Week

The weekend was a welcome change of pace. The work week last week was focused on work, kids, and checking in on family here and back home. No time or energy to do anything at all. 

Come Saturday, the four of us rolled up our sleeves. Da took charge of cleaning the bathrooms, Hari repurposed the outdoor vacuum for some indoor cleaning, Ram took care of cleaning surfaces, and I did the rest. We were all bone tired but we were proud of the fruits of our labor. 

As I swept and cleaned, I took turns listening to Covid related podcasts and catching up with my tribe. I called my cousins, whatsapped friends, and talked to my gang of friends back home. All conversations started and ended with Covid. We exchanged stories on how we were coping and how the governments have been acting. This is what socializing feels like in the days of social distancing and Covid. That’s ok, we are dealing with bigger problems here and the lack of social life is honestly the least of worries.

Today is the start of the second week of work week from home. The kids are fine being home. The only thing that Ram wished was he could visit the library. So finally, we got our act together and brought our Kindle to life and borrowed some ebooks from the library. Hari got pulled into a project that involves researching on ventilators. 

We received communication from our school stating that remote learning will start next week. Hats off to the administration. The whole thing has been well thought of, it has been structured keeping in mind the stress and demands of these unprecedented times while providing a sense of routine and structure to the kids. It takes into account that some families have both parents as working parents and even if families are able to make the time and willing to put in the effort, they lack the pedagogical knowledge required for the curriculum and that they should not be forced into doing something that they are not trained to do. 

On that note, closing for tonight. Take care, stay safe.

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