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Covid – work life balance

“Amma, you are making English muffins for breakfast tomorrow, right?” the first offspring reminds me. This is the fourth time I have received a reminder around what to make for breakfast for tomorrow. Ayoo kadavule, I want to pull my hair out. Truth be told, it’s not the children that I am frustrated with. Poor thing, food is probably the only thing that they come to me for. Some TV time in the evening and interesting food to thrill their taste buds. Not a tall order given that they are pretty much on their own all day everyday.

The real reason I want to pull my hair out is because work emails wouldn’t stop flowing. One email after the other, it simply is endless and all consuming. Everyday I wonder, is it me? Am I being inefficient? Am I not drawing boundaries?

I tell myself, I will do better tomorrow. I will get more efficient. I will compartmentalize. I will stick to a routine that balances work and life.

2 thoughts on “Covid – work life balance

  1. You’ll do fine, S. Just hang in there. Tackle one mail at a time. Since everyone is working from home, it is a bit disorganised everywhere. Hence the work load.
    At my end, I have home troubles – oldies in the family freaking out and all that. So, I told all My clients that I will be off duty for a week at least. I am unable to focus, so no point taking up responsibilities and driving myself nuts.
    Is a break an option for you?

    1. Thanks LG – today was better, need to adapt better to the change, schools reopen only in May.

      On Wed, Mar 25, 2020 at 1:06 AM Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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