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I had every intention to write more. I have half baked posts lying in my google docs and in my head. They have lost their essense with the passage of time. When I had the time, I dilly dallied. When I had the motivation, I was time constrained. Missed opportunities indeed. 

We have been doing ok so far. The first couple of weeks of lockdown slowed down our routine while filling us with dread. After that, life started happening. Remote learning, zoom classes, and zoom meet ups. Social distancing changed the form, not the substance of what we are doing. In the beginning, I was more current, spent more time with the sonny boys, was proactively checking in with family and friends, and in general made the most out of the forced slowdown. I can’t say the same about this week or today. Competing priorities, conflicting schedules and packed evenings are back. 

I celebrated my 42nd b’day birthday last week. I am grateful that even when there is so much turmoil in the world out there, my birthday celebrations happened without missing a beat. My tribe, near and far, wrapped me in a blanket of warmth and love. 

Tatie bye for now, will catch up soon!

3 thoughts on “Hello!

  1. Hello Maha! Good to read that you have all been doing well and have found a new normal in these crazy times. Belated birthday wishes, may this be a year filled with happiness and good health! I have gotten quite far away from blogs – both mine and everyone else – except for a stray post here and there. Hope to find my way back one of these days or months. Loved seeing your post in my email this morning. Stay blessed!

    1. I feel t, with that way too but I don’t want to lose that touch. The only writing I do in my own small owns. I want to start writing, even if it’s scribbling of randomness. Thank you for this comment and the wishes. It does make me want to write more. You have a senior at home, right? how are you all coping? Do write back.

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