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Play Day, a Covid bonus

My workplace has declared today as May Play Day. A day we have been mandated to NOT work. We have received multiple reminders from our management throughout this week to stay away from work today.  My company recognises that with having to work from home, the line between work and home has faded. Working harder, working longer, working without respite has been the norm for the past several weeks. Not just that, having to do this while balancing the other finer aspects of life that are demanding more of your time, energy and attention has added to the load on our backs. So they are giving the day off today, making this Memorial Day a longer weekend. No electronics day, the subject line said. Read a book, tend to your garden, take a hike, spend time with your family. Rest, relax, and come back rejuvenated!

I can’t say I have been struggling with balancing work and supporting my children. Both kids have been on their own. Hari is grown up enough to manage by himself. Ram has been forced into self-sufficiency as we simply don’t have the bandwidth to support his learning. Inspite of having the bar low for ourselves, some days are more stressful than others. Unwinding for a bit to just BE helps to gain some semblance of balance. You certainly cannot have it all at all times. Some days work take center stage and at other times life.

Note: As I write this post, I am acutely aware that there are millions and millions out there who would do anything to have a long workday and I am sending a silent prayer for them. We are certainly not treating this gift of fullness as a burden. Just saying that on some days it is harder in the moment.

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