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Why is my hair curly?

I met Laksh through the blog world more than a decade back. I would wait eagerly every morning to read her posts. Be it the post about the muffin on her desk taunting her or the letters to her daughters with motherly observations and wisdom, her writing is a reader’s delight – raw, authentic, relatable, reflective, and playful. Through the power of her words, she broadens perspectives and challenges mindsets. It takes a certain courage and faith to put yourself out there and follow where your heart leads. Laksh’s writing and her life story is a proof of that. My life is richer because of how openly Laksh shares the ups and downs of her life journey.

Now, drum rolls please! I am thrilled to introduce you to Laksh’s debut children’s book – Why is my hair curly? It is a chapter book for the age group 8-12 and is releasing digitally tomorrow. It is story that explores the nuances of acceptance, identity and adoption through an adopted child’s point of view. The paperback will release on July 20th. Hop on over, buy that book, write a review on Amazon, and spread the word. The links to purchase the book are:



You go Laksh…!!! I am mighty proud of you. Wishing you a roaring success. May you continue to delight your readers through your words and stories.

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