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Haiku, Ram’s take

Haiku was one of the topics covered in Ram’s third grade remote learning. He was fascinated by the notion of counting syllables and writing something around the 5-7-5 syllables structure. 

During summer break, we have stipulated that he write something every day. Originally, he came up with the idea of writing a chapter book that involved a zombie cat, super dog and other fun characters but then quickly changed his mind. Why bother writing pages when he can spend a fraction of time and energy writing Haikus. You see, it’s all about maximizing output with minimal efforts!

I will give it to the child. Everyday after breakfast, he settles down with a notebook in front of him and a pencil in hand. And I have the unenviable task of coming up with a topic that inspires him. “What do you think I should write mama?”  Some days it doesn’t take much. “I am in the mood for writing something about nature”  he would declare, and I would rattle some ideas. On other days, we are in a slump. Like today, the topic of Haiku ended up being Ovaltine. 

I am sharing a few of the Haikus he has written. I did not have the heart to change the spelling here, the beauty is in that imperfection, in that dripping innocence. A child’s take at the world around him. 

Leafs (Leaves)

Dancing in the wind

Floating away to the ground

Crunch under my fead (feet)

Black Lives Matter

Everyone is the same

Everyone is fair and square

Hashtag B.L.M.


It comes out on days

It showers its blazing rays

It goes home at night

Mother Earth

The earth protects us

She gives us the things we need

She is a good home

4th of July

We sit in the dark

Awesome fireworks pop up

I am having fun


He slithers around

He is hidden from his prey

Then he bites his prey


He can be sneaky

He eats from your garbage can

He is a burglar


It is very good

It is smooth and deliscious (delicious)

It is dark delight

Bird’s Nest

He lives over there

Inside a home made of twigs

Housing all his eggs

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