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Public school system, a Covid casualty

In the fight against pandemic, the public school system is the latest casualty. Our school committee public hearing lasted for 5 hours on two separate sessions last month. There are at least three different parent groups on Facebook related to school reopening. Our school system is proceeding with remote and hybrid options. There is a lot of nervousness, dissatisfaction and uncertainty over the options presented. Spring was a disaster. True, but we were at the start of a pandemic, we were focused on saving lives, there was no playbook on how to deal with a situation that weighed us down with its enormity. This is not to say I was all calm about it. I too was upset with the misleading expectations but came to terms with it and to an extent trust our school administrators to do their job. Ram did as well as a 9 year old can do on his own but there was parental failure. We did not adapt to the change in dynamics and step up to support him as much as we could have. I have learnt that we have to do our part, which looks very different compared to pre-covid times. As far as Hari, we don’t know what we don’t know. We have told him to stay informed, recognise that there will be less support and that he should have frequent check in with us so we can identify if additional help is needed. There is a real risk of loss of learning at the high school level but I have faith that the kids will adapt and reinvent.

When I have a rough day at work, I think to myself at least I am not the school superintendent who has the unenviable task of balancing conflicting needs. I recall her saying what used to take minutes now takes a lot of brainpower. It’s not easy, we all need to be part of the solution.

The latest I am hearing is families are creating pods to hire private tutors and supplement what’s taught at school. I am saddened by the inequities that the pandemic is creating but we all have to do what is right for us.

Things don’t look ok now but we will be ok.

2 thoughts on “Public school system, a Covid casualty

    1. You are right. I am not worried about the big picture, it’s the day to day stuff that needs the balancing act.

      On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 1:00 AM Thoughts Unlimited wrote:


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