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An unsual start to school year

It has not been easy on anyone. The administrators, the educators, the caregivers, and most of all the young learners. After all the discussions, arguing, disagreeing, fighting over options, the moment of truth will be here tomorrow. Our first day of the new school year. Who would have thought on March 12th of this year that education would be this elusive. The pandemic has mellowed us all. Hopefully, it has changed us for the better. 

For us as a family, it feels like all our organization snafus and scheduling guffaws have prepared us for this moment. We used our state tax free weekend to order stationeries and supplies to help the kids get organized. We spent the long weekend setting up work area for the younger one. We spent this weekend setting up Google Classroom, keeping up with the flurry of emails from school, and setting reminders on Alexa, and in our calendars. Da and I reminded each other to do better than the random check in with the kids like we did in spring and to strive for some semblance for balance.

All of us will do what we can, knowing that some days our cups will be empty. We will embrace generosity of spirit, a phrase that our school system has taught us. Generosity of spirit. Towards each other. Towards ourselves. We are stepping into the new school year with trepidation but with hope and faith to make it work, and with the gratitude that it is finally here.

Hari and Ram – thank you for being such troopers this spring and all through the summer. For demanding so little out of us. Hari, special thanks to you for going with Remote option although your preference was to go Hybrid and we are acutely aware that this is not an easy path. We will lean in on each other and get through this together. May this year’s education help both of you learn, grow and evolve into better humans. Stay curious and be kind. Everything else will fall in place. Love and hugs, appa and amma.

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