Posted in 2020, Kids, Little Moments

Little Moments Thursday

Things that brought a smile on my face…

  • Honesty of my fourth grader. “Amma, everyone was excited about school reopening. I feel normal.” 
  • Ram doesn’t complain to us about the Covid life situation but pours his heart out in unexpected quarters. In his 1:1 lesson with his guitar teacher. “I feel like we can’t be in this Covid thing forever. How long can we live like this?” 
  • The way Hari always reaches out to me. “Mom, you want to catch up?”, “Hey amma, I need 5 minutes of your attention, ok?” “So how is your work going?” It almost feels like friendship. 
  • Ram has come up with a hack to find out if I am paying attention to him or not. He totally says unrelated things nonchalantly. Like in the middle of the day, he would say, “good night mom” or “it’s snowing outside, time for hot chocolate.” I so love this hack, it breaks us into giggles. 
  • Welcome back hibiscus. Welcome back jasmine. We made a special corner for them in our dining room and brought our house plants inside.

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