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Little Moments this week

What little moments did I savor this week? 

  • Ram had the first half day of his phased-in hybrid week this week. It was a measly half day but that did not in any way diminish the excitement we all felt for the back to school day. The child woke up bright and early, made a sandwich for lunch by himself, and walked around the house with a renewed sense of purpose. Going back to school after six long months, who would have thought, really? 
  • Took the day off on Wednesday. The earlier day, I declared that I was going to plant myself on the daybed, binge watch, and not move as much as a tumbler. I ended up binge listening to podcasts on RBG, and decluttering my wardrobe. Decluttering while listening to podcasts relaxes me like no other!
  • Movie night on a weekday. Watched Enola Holmes on Netflix. Do watch it, a delightful movie. 
  • Learning a new dance item on the one and only elephant-faced darling, my all time favorite, Ganapathi. Nothing better to lift one’s spirits. And it is a gift that keeps giving. The fondness deepens as you learn and practice more. 

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