Little Moments

Grateful for the little moments of joy and relief that this week brought. 

  • We are experimenting with lighting the house with solar powered serial lights. Da bought pretty cute ones shaped like stars and flowers that are hanging inside and outside the house. Thank you Da for the novelty and for infusing the house with some holiday cheer! 
  • Promised Land by Obama Barack arrived. It’s a pretty volumounus book and it’s going to take a long time to finish but I’m thrilled to get my hands on it. 
  • I have taken the week off this week. I had to tie some loose ends on Monday but otherwise not doing anything more than glancing at the emails trickling in. So very thankful to get away from work for these few days and have a change of pace and routine. 
  • Such a relief to hear the cabinet announcements by Biden. Some semblance of normalcy with qualified, accomplished, competent, and thoughtful leaders in top positions. The pandemic and its aftermath could use all the bright minds that it can receive. 

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