Again due to the limitations on what we could do during the pandemic, this summer we worked on our yard more than we have ever done since we moved into this house. I took care of the weeds while Da took care of planting new plants and caring for them on an ongoing basis. We made several additions to our family of plants – peonies, daisies, cone flowers, and hydrangeas. We are trying our hands on growing foxglove, lupine, and black eyed susan from seeds. We have converted a shady area into a partly shady area and transplanted some of our hardy perennials. Only time will tell which of these will grow and thrive. 

Gratitude to Da for doing much of the heavy lifting. While I would come up with the ideas and have these notions of what I want for our yard, I was too preoccupied with daily commitments to take them farther than that. He was the one that made these ideas happen. We reveled in seeing our yard transform; something ordinary for the outside world but very close to our hearts. Gratitude to the forces of nature for letting life happen in our tiny corner of the world.

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