Merry Christmas

Last week, one night, Ram and I were cuddled up as I was grazing on the internet. Co-incidentally, there was a news article that had reassurance from Dr. Fauci that Santa has been vaccinated and that kids around the world have nothing to worry. The very next day, Ram wrote an email to Santa with questions – did the vaccine hurt? Has anyone other than Dr. Facci visited him? And then, he gave his wishlist. Santa sent back a descriptive reply stating how he felt honored to have received a shot from one of the famous doctors and went on to describe all the cool people that have visited him and Ms. Claus in the North Pole. Thanks to Da’s workplace for the very special opportunity to write to Santa, and for ensuring that Santa replies. It was a very nice touch to the festivities. 

As always, Ram  was the first one to be ready with christmas presents for all us. It’s all handmade and personalized. He was quite perplexed that the rest of the household was being complacent. “I can’t be the only one carrying the christmas spirit in this house guys. Mom, can you change the day in the countdown calendar tomorrow. And the rest of you, can you start working on your presents?”

As I write this, we are all watching a movie with the christmas tree lit up. We baked macadamia nut and chocolate chip cookie this year for Santa. We will know tomorrow who has been nice, who has been naughty in our household. Leaving you with Christmas wishes from Ram. Have a joyful and blessed holidays.

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