Taking stock of 2020

My word for the year was Strive. It was my way of saying I will work and try harder to become better. The pandemic did add chaos to everyday life and it took a while to adjust and adapt to the different ways in which life had changed. The word that truly anchored me and helped me navigate the rigmarole of life this year is Reimagine. 

For this year, I am giving myself gold stars for focusing my time and energy on family and togetherness. For cutting some slack and not wallowing in self inflicted pressure. For trying new things and for working hard. For being very productive. I give myself demerits for lack of self discipline. Daily habits remain elusive. From being accepting of the current situation and circumstances, I started slacking. I allowed inertia to settle and have a strong hold on me.

I had created a list of 20 things I would do for 2020. Here’s how I did.

1. Come up with my 20 for 20 – yes!

2. Read 20 books – read and enjoyed a few. But mostly struggled with building a consistent reading habit. I realize that this is because I have a compulsive need to keeping doing things. Reading requires one to relax, to just be and soak in what the written word has to offer. It needs a certain mindset that I seem to be lacking. This one place that I wishes I had strived harder.

3. Weigh 10-15 pounds lighter – no, sadly, went in the other direction. I take responsibility for all the gluttony.

4. 10 baking sessions with Ram – did not keep count but would have done about 7 baking sessions with the child. Could not have done better.

5. Learn to make one Indian sweet like cashew/badam/milk burfi – yes, made kaju katli twice. As my friend says, every time it comes out well, it is a success.

6. Settle into a snack routine during the work week – partial success here, got into rhythm of making one home made snack per work week. Can do better here.

7. Get better at making chappathis – partial success here. Thanks to all the kneading and baking, making chappathi dough does not feel like a chore. 

8. Follow IPL with Hari – no, could not make myself to watch cricket! 

9. Watch one TV series or movie series or weekly movie session with Da – yes, watched Queen’s Gambit and what a delightful show it was!!!

10. Watch one TV series with Hari – yes, yes and yes! Parks and Recreations (loved it!), Never Have I ever (meh!), now on to Community (super fun!) and Brookline 99 (funny!). 

11. Learn to operate the TV Projector – yikes, no. It is no rocket science, this was an easy win I could have had.

12. Personalize Alexa Show options – no but frankly do not feel the need for it. 

13. Set up the underutilized shelves and storage spaces in the house – yes, did very well on this!

14. Residual clean up of the yard, remove weeds and plant perennials – yes, same as above!

15. Internalize dance items that can make up for one margam – what was I thinking? No where close to that but feel quite content with where I have come dance wise. 

16. Write 48 posts on my blog – wrote 61, wanted to write more, this one does not feel like an accomplishment just meeting a low bar I set up for myself. 

17. Learn to do eye make up – no.

18. Do a shutterfly album of Hari’s upnayanam – have been itching to do it but not made the time for it. 

19. Learn to recite Vishnu Sahsranamam fluently – some progress

20. Weekly rituals with kids – yes, thanks to the pandemic!

Some wins, some losses. There is always room to improve. Here’s to more learning, and growing in the coming year!

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