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Thanksgiving Little Moments

In this part of the world, we had a nice long thanksgiving weekend. It was much needed break from all things routine. I am very thankful for,

  • An early relaxed start to the long weekend. I took the Wednesday off and our friends arrived that afternoon. It set the right mood for the break.
  • A full house with four adults and five kids, all having their kind of fun. Late night chit chatting and movie watching, video gaming, some crafting and dancing thrown in the mix.  No expectations, no obligations. Just us being us.
  • Friends coming together to celebrate Hari, who is lucky to have uncles and aunts who bypass his parents to know what he truly wants for his special day, and buying it for him in a heartbeat.
  • Cold weather, which meant we were not tempted to step outside but spend quality time huddled together under the same roof.
  • A sickness free weekend. Didn’t want to send our little and not so little visitors with pesky germs.
  • Lots and lots of hugs, cuddles, kisses, and tenderness from twin darlings!
  • Wardrobe exchange. The clothes have had a good life doing their rounds from one child to the other.

Hope you are feeling refreshed and are getting geared up for the work week. Tudlu for now!

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I Love Yous

“Amma, I love you more than you love me,” “Bye bye anna, love you so much,” “Love you appa. You are the best”

Hari and Ram are lavish when it comes to saying I love yous, and most of the time, they don’t say it lightly or for the sake of saying it. They mean it when they say it. They say it with love. They say it with gratitude. I know it because as someone at the receiving end I feel that I am loved and cherished. I offer my gratitude for the verbal expression of their affection for me.

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Gratitude for journey shared

Today, my thanks goes to UL, a dear friend who I met through the blogging world several years back. Thanks to her, I have been writing everyday in the month of November for the past two years. As you age gratitude becomes a way of life, it is no longer just reserved for November or Thanksgiving. You feel it when you kiss your child, hug your husband, talk to you parents, or take a walk in the nature. But there is something special about putting your gratitude in words; you process and reflect as you write, so you experience it at greater depth.

I am also thankful to UL for sharing her learnings and journey through her blog posts. The wisdom imparted in those nuggets are in digestible form, and very tactical. You can practice them on a daily basis. I have benefitted from them immensely. Don’t take my word, check it out for yourself.


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The internet was down, which meant working from home was going to be a stretch. For the first half an hour, I was wrought with frustration. Some construction worker somewhere knocked the internet lines, and I was paying the price for it. I was getting back to work mode after three days of PTO and an unproductive day was the last thing I wanted.

Luckily, after the initial frustration, some sanity prevailed. I took stock of the big picture. Was it a nuisance? Yes, yes and yes! Was it going to hinder my productivity? Somewhat. Did I have alternatives? Yes, I could go two doors down the road to my friend’s place where connectivity was not an issue. Can I still avoid the drive to work? Yup. What was I complaining about then? So many things were actually going in my favor.

The lack of internet turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I was efficient on the work front. I caught up on personal emails. And best of all, I was not tempted to check emails, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Hulu. I felt less scattered, and more present.

I am thankful that for the past two days Hari and I could get our work done by hopping over to my friend’s place. I am thankful that I have the flexibility to work at my pace on the work front. If internet hiccup was the worst thing that happened to me, then I am blessed to have had a good couple of days. There are people fighting tougher battles day in and day out.

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My identity

I am a South Indian American tamizh brahmin girl. I like paruppu sadam. I love going to temple. I tear up for Jana Gana Mana. I believe in baby steps, consistent efforts, and perseverance. Kurti is my favorite attire. I admire people who are resilient and have reinvented themselves. I assume positive intent and give benefit of doubt. I am lazy, risk averse, and a procrastinator. I am afraid of heights, speed, and grand dreams. I am a self-sabotager. I need my 8 hours of sleep. Without my me time, I am not me. Allowing people to be who they are, is the best gift that oe can give to someone. Freewill is what I value the most. I practice space in togetherness., Empathy comes naturally to me. People fascinate me. I am a lifelong learner. I take comfort in inner strength, and strive for inner peace.

Independent of the different roles that I play and the pursuits and hobbies I undertake, these values and beliefs are what make me me. Much gratitude for life experiences that have helped shape my identity.

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I assemble four glass containers for Da and three for myself. I chop the veggies one after the other. Da’s container gets a generous helping of argula, while mine gets the bare minimum on purpose (can’t handle the greens in my salad!). I chop the yellow and red peppers, toss in clementines, and then the cherry tomatoes. Veggies done, I move on to nuts, cranberries and feta cheese. Some days I throw in some tofu or chickpeas and olives. Then I layer the quinoa. Not quite the rainbow colors that I aspire for in our salads, but somewhat there. All in all, it has taken me 45 mins. I stack them in my fridge, and heave a sigh of gratitude.

Preparing salads for the weekday lunches has been an integral and indispensable part of my weekend routine for the past several years. The satisfaction of having packed healthy food. The peace of mind from knowing that I don’t have to think about one out three meals for three to four week days. While salads are not comfort food for me, it is a staple for Da. He thrives on it. I don’t know what got me into this routine, but I am glad and thankful that it has stuck with us for all along.