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Quiet time

Oh the itchy scratchy throat gave me a horrendous day. Of all the days, I had to lead two training sessions today. Exactly at midpoint in both the sessions, I broke into a coughing fit and had to abscond from the call for a few minutes. Worse still, the second one was a customer facing call. Yikes! A bit awkward, I would say. But hey, when you have to cough, you have to cough, and to be fair, I did warn folks about the possible scenario upfront.

Boy, was I glad and thankful that the work day was over. Even more grateful that the evening was low profile and I could indulge in some quiet time, with minimal conversation. Ram offered me an extra pillow before going to bed, and Hari kept offering to bring a cup of warm water. My little darlings!

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Veterans Day March

Dressed in his blue cub scouts uniform, Ram marched with the other scouts buddies to the beats of the marching band. It was an afternoon of being part of a community and taking a moment to reflect on all the people who have and continued to serve us. They give a lot and get so little in return. Heartfelt gratitude to the veterans and the families for their sacrifices so we all can live freely.

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I assemble four glass containers for Da and three for myself. I chop the veggies one after the other. Da’s container gets a generous helping of argula, while mine gets the bare minimum on purpose (can’t handle the greens in my salad!). I chop the yellow and red peppers, toss in clementines, and then the cherry tomatoes. Veggies done, I move on to nuts, cranberries and feta cheese. Some days I throw in some tofu or chickpeas and olives. Then I layer the quinoa. Not quite the rainbow colors that I aspire for in our salads, but somewhat there. All in all, it has taken me 45 mins. I stack them in my fridge, and heave a sigh of gratitude.

Preparing salads for the weekday lunches has been an integral and indispensable part of my weekend routine for the past several years. The satisfaction of having packed healthy food. The peace of mind from knowing that I don’t have to think about one out three meals for three to four week days. While salads are not comfort food for me, it is a staple for Da. He thrives on it. I don’t know what got me into this routine, but I am glad and thankful that it has stuck with us for all along.

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Last Man Standing

Da, Hari and I have our Friday night routine. Ram is normally asleep by 9:30 PM. But the rest of us are not ready to hit the sack. We ache for our quota of lightness after a full week of work. We sneak into our attic, and turn on Last Man Standing, a show by Tim Allen. It’s something that the three of us enjoy – it is is out and out funny – Mike with his disdain for Democrats, Vanessa with her geological puns, Mandy, the fashionista, Eve with her wisecracks, and so much more..! So glad and thankful for some friday night lightness. 

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Little moments

Started drafting his post yesterday but ended up sleeping while tucking Ram to bed. .  

Today, I offer my thanks to the little moments that warmed my heart and made my week.

  • Took the day off this Tuesday. It was my kind of Fall day – gloomy, foggy, with a slight drizzle. We went to Walden pond and I got happily drenched in its serenity.
  • Got my first Uniqlo jacket. A beautiful wine color. And it is oh so light and warm, I love it!
  • Managed with leftovers for two consecutive dinners. I won a lottery or what?!
  • Distributed the Deepavali bakshanams with my friend V’s help to a few good friends. So much joy in sharing!
  • Got Da a nice formal shirt for Deepavali, and best of all, he liked it!
  • A colleague is moving to a different role. She wrote a nice note saying how much she has learnt from me. It was humbling!
  • A couple of exciting opportunities at the volunttering front. One to get to know the local library more intimately, and another to put a children’s magazine together, written by children. Small thrills!
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Dan Rather and RBG

Around last presidential election, Dan Rather showed up on my FaceBook feed quite frequently as a couple of friends liked or shared his posts. Intrigued, I too started following him. For the most part, he provides commentary on the political scenario although there are times when he writes about sports and science. And what a find he has been! His words not only inspire but also therapeutic, the kind that comes from someone who has seen more of life and has wizened up as a result of that. He is level headed, gives hope when the world around is in despair, and he always always reminds you to take a look at the big picture and to never ever give up.

A couple of weeks back I watched the RBG movie/documentary. Please do yourself a favor and watch this one. We are all lucky to have someone like her in our lifetime. She made her mark against all odds in a male dominated profession and shed light on gender discrimination. Of all the things she said, the one that stands out is how her law studies gave her respite from her child and how her child gave her respite from work. 

My deepest gratitude to Dan Rather and RBG for being such strong, fierce, personalities that we all can look upto and take comfort in.  God bless them!

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Life experiences

I have a diverse set of family and friends. Diversity in terms of life experiences – adoption, special needs, transgender, degenerative disease, loss of a loved one. I bow in respect and raise my hands to salute them for their courage, and resilience. Because of them, I look at life not just from my lens but theirs too. Because of them, I know “normal” is the most overrated term. Because of them, I am more empathetic and less judgmental. Because of them, I know everyone is fighting a battle, quitely and bravely, and a little kindness goes a long way. Because of them, I am a better human being. My heartfelt gratitude.