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Fall Beauty (Gratitude Journal – Day 6)

The trees have not shed their leaves yet in this part of the world. The past few days have been nothing short of breathtaking beauty all around me. It feels like I have been a witness to different versions of beauty of Mother Nature. Rainy one day, foggy the other day, and today we had overcast skies. This evening, I was at Hari’s soccer game and what a visual treat it was. Heavy dark grey clouds floating around, different hues of red, orange, yellow and brown bathing in the glowing sunset, as a bunch of high energy passionate players kicked the ball around. Time stood still for that hour and a half.

I feel grateful that I get to experience this spectacle, year after year.


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fall treePerfect fall day today. Cloudy but not chilly, with sun coming in and out, sometimes adding to the grandeur and at other times stealing the charm. The maple tree is bursting with colors. Simply stunning, fills my heart and cleanses my soul. I recall a conversation with Hari a couple of days back,  he was intrigued – why do you ooh and aah every time you spy lush green fields or different hues of yellow, orange and red. Don’t you see this every year amma? And therein lies the magic. Every single time it touches me like it did the first time. It is as if I am a witness to the different moods and personalities of Mother Nature. How could I not revel in it? Perhaps this what Keats meant when he said, a thing of beauty is joy forever!

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Vern, the Traffic Calming Turkey


Vern, the turkey in this picture,  has been the subject of conversation in our neighborhood for the past several weeks. This big bird has been parading our streets up and down, halting traffic, pecking at cars, and terrifying passersby with his fearless and determined strides for the past few months. 

To strangers, he is a menace. To folks in the neighborhood, he is a pet that they don’t own. He is considered a blessing in disguise (slowing down traffic and making the neighborhood safe), his safety is on the top of the residents’ minds (a turkey crossing traffic sign has been posted on a busy street), and why, his picture is featured as the cover photo of the neighborhood Facebook page! All fingers are crossed on what his fate might be given that Thanksgiving is just around the corner. 

As for me, but for the pictures I take of him, I follow the principle of – you stay away from me and I stay away from you. But even I wonder – what it must be like to be the lone turkey? to be surrounded by creatures from a different species? to be in a habitat that is different from his natural home? is he lonesome? is he adapting? is he seeing a mate in his own reflection on the cars that he is pecking? Vern, the traffic zen master,  alone knows!

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Gorgeous day

We are having a super duper uber gorgeous day in our part of the world today. However, the true New Englanders, the children in my culture class as well as my first born, have been complaining about how hot the day is! They made themselves hand fans and kept swaying their way rather stylishly. It was hard to keep a straight face and work on our lesson plan.

In other news, we celebrated Tagore Day (falls on May 07) today in school. My kids along with other second graders recited the Champa Flower and the Clouds and Waves in assembly today. They had to prepare at very short notice, but they were such troopers. I am mighty proud of them. Speaking of Champa Flower, it’s such a lovable and endearing poem, reminded me so much of Runaway Bunny.  

One of the teachers organized a fun quiz on Tagore covering little unknown facts about the poet. Did you know that Tagore’s Nobel Prize got stolen? Did you know that he was a whimsical person, who thrived on change? Did you know that he lived in several houses over different periods in Shantiniketan? The kids loved learning these trivias!