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Happy Father’s Day

Loved this google advertisement on Father’s Day. Appa, you would love it too and I am posting this for you. This advertisement reminded me of the compromises that you have made, personally and professionally, so we could have a well balanced and stable childhood.  I admire your attention to details, your compassion, and the orderliness with which you undertake even the smallest of tasks. You inspire me to give my best in all my endeavors.

Hari and Ram made a cool video for Da on the occasion of Father’s Day. The video is not in a shareable format, but I am including a word cloud that Hari had in the video. Ram made a lovely personalized gift from school.

Between the two of us, Da is the one that wakes up at midnight to take care of our sick kids. He is the one holding down the fort, without resentment, while I pursue my interests outside of work. He is the one that cuts slack when I take the moral high ground. He is the one that pushes them outside their comfort zone and pampers them with toys and treats. Happy Father’s Day Da. I am blessed and lucky to share the parenting journey with you. You inspire me to be a better parent. Every. Single. Day.

Hari Dad


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The fan is humming along, making more noise than breeze. Hari and Ram are fast asleep. Da is tying loose ends – sending emails, catching up on housekeeping items. It has been a long day for all of us. 

Like all Thursdays, today was half a day for Hari. He has been craving for more freedom, to be treated like a grown up.  To go around the neighborhood on his bike, and check on his friends to play soccer, football and what not. I let him go, he is ready for it and I trust him to be responsible. We go through the drill of dos and don’ts before he steps out.  He reminds me of me when I was his age. I don’t recall a day that I was not itching to be on my own. 

Ram is signed up for Little League baseball. Tuesday was photo day. The hall was a parade of cuteness with five year olds and six year olds wearing oversized jerseys and baseball hats. Hari and Ram have been “practicing” at home. Hari has grand dreams for Ram. Poor Ram, he not only has to measure up to his parent’s expectations but has to  live upto his anna’s dreams. Da is coaching Ram’s team. It is his way of giving back to the community while being involved in Ram’s activities. 

As for me, I am just glad to be home this week after travelling for the past two consecutive weeks. 

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Work Travel (LMT post)

Lugging my laptop, the roll on suitcase, and my handbag, I closed the door and began  my countdown even before I left. The full and the bright moon outside put me in a cheery mood.   As I started my drive to the Amtrak train station, the heat kicked in and so did the memories of the  very ordinary moments from the earlier evening, wrapping me in a cocoon of love.

After a bit of a panic attack, with embarrassment written all over my face, the earlier evening I had confessed to Da that I had misplaced my driver’s license. The hands on practical person that he is, he rolled up his sleeves and used that as an opportunity to have my license renewed and have copies of my current one printed. This is how he knows to be there for me, with sensible, practical help. Doing and saying things that matter when I need them the most. 

Ram  had devoured a bagel, some pasta with cheese, and a mug of milk. I recall stealing glances at him feeling a rush of love as he ate with single minded focus. Plain flavorless food without vegetables is what this child prefers. I don’t let him get away with it at all times. But the few times that I do, the look of satiety on his face is priceless. 

In the evening, I had dropped Hari at his friend’s place. He told his friend’s mom, “Donald Trump is such a sexist.” Ayoooo… I cringed inwardly. Later that evening he and I talked – what does sexist mean? how are opinions formed? who will I vote for? who will he vote for? This child is so eager to be part of the grown up world and I remember being like that too. On top of that, he is growing in a different culture and at a different time, I want to be there for him in this phase without judgments, conditions, and expectations. 

As much as travelling makes me restless, it is a necessary evil workwise and personally. On the personal front, I cherish it for the distance, fondness and gratitude it creates. For reminding me, how everything is so temporary, so fleeting. The quantity of time is not in our hands, but the quality is. The only way to make the most out of our life is to live each moment. Deeply. Intentionally. Fully.

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Working from office

After a long time, I worked from office rather than home today. It felt good to wear something other than activewear. To “rest” as I drove after the morning rush. To listen to NPR news. To compartmentalize work and home, and focus on one thing at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate the flexibility to work from home, and the resulting work life balance I am able to maintain. I wouldn’t have it any other way. But there is also something to be said about working from an office, and being part of the culture. For better or worse, most of the team members that I work with are not in the same location as I am, so it’s all the same to me.

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Veteran’s Day special

The kids had the day off, so I took the day off with the sole purpose of spending time with them. We watched Horrid Henry and had a sleepover last night. Then this morning, we headed out to Michaels before going to the zoo. It was such a beautiful day with the crisp fall air and sunny weather making it ideal for being outdoors. The last we went to this zoo was when Hari was as old as Ram; so many fond memories packed within this premise. We missed Da a lot today. This is probably the first time in all these years that we went on a family outing without Da.

The white cheeked gibbons were the star of the day. They belong to the ape family, the females are tan while the males are black. The babies are born as tan, they turn black as they grow up and the females turn back to tan after a certain period, very fascinating, isn’t it?  We saw a one-month old gibbon latched on to its mommy. It was an endearing sight – the mommy kept swinging back and forth, putting on quite a show, all the while with the  baby latched on to her. On the opposite side, were a species of monkey, whose name I forget. There were two babies about the same age as the gibbon, but they were more developed and independent than the apes. I believe monkey in general develop faster than apes.

All of us had a grand time. We came back home just in time for a playdate.


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Whine fest

If I were the drinking kind, I would have gone bar hopping tonight. But since I neither drink nor know to keep things to myself, I do the next best thing – vent to unsuspecting folks like you!

One of those weeks when I have been working long hours, but have nothing checked off on my list. Nothing is as tiring as an unproductive day, don’t you agree? Worse still, I find myself staring at a boatload of work to be completed over the weekend.

Ah well. Breathe in. Breathe out. This will pass too. To be honest, I like the challenge. I like the steep learning curve. I like that I will be more knowledgeable on this topic than what I was last week. I just need to remember that the hard work is worth it and work on it single handedly while at it.

Alright folks, thanks for bearing with this whine fest. Hope you guys have a fabulous weekend. Mine will be skewed towards work. Wish me a productive one. Tudlu. Take care.

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An ordinary Thursday

Drafted on Dec 08

Amma at home to receive him after half a day at school. Steaming spaghetti topped with melted cheese and baby carrots on the side to satiate his monstrous appetite. A time table that allows ample unstructured time to unwind and do things that holds his fancy while taking care of the must do items. Catching up on some cricket news with appa on the phone and briefing him on how the day was.  Lying on the ground with the yellow crayon box and doodling away to glory. The anticipation of playing cricket with amma before heading to swimming class. Ordinary but priceless moments to Hari and I.

I work from home on Thursdays when my work commitments allow me to. If I am not working from home, Hari is off to after school program, which he looks forward to with equal relish. Since this seemingly ordinary Thursday is not necessarily a every Thursday affair, I am thankful whenever it materializes. I am greatful to my company for understanding that there is life beyond work that needs to be nourished and nurtured.