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The Year of the Rose

I do not remember distinctly how I landed on Shubha’s Weblog, but I have been following her for more than a couple of years. Subha is a published author. She practices mindfullness and has a nearly two year old in tow. I look forward to her posts, not only for the reading pleasure they bring but also to learn from her practice of mindfullness and apply it to my living.

Accepting myself for who I am, with my own strenghts and weaknesses. Being aware of what Hari and I call as our “judging voice” and letting it go. Being magnanimous with my follies and treating myself with compassion.  Just be, here, now, in this moment. These are few things that I have been inculcating in my life, thanks to wisdom from Shuba’s posts and other bloggers on my Reader list.

Subha has recently published a book called The Year of the Rose: Reflections of a new mother and lessons in mindfulness and loving-kindness. The second I read the announcement on my reader, my dilemma was not whether I should buy the book or not. But whether I should get a soft or a hard copy. I chose the hardy copy version because I knew I would want to read the book over and again, which is what I have been doing ever since the book arrived.

Please  check out Subha’s space, and if the writings resonate with you, do consider purchasing her book. I can assure you it is time and money well spent.

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Ram Leela

The period around a child’s first b’day is a huge turning point. Not only is he more mobile, but also his intellectual and emotional capabilities are very tangible. You realize that he is more  than a cute, tender, cuddly, and dependent being. Someone with a little personality and a mind of his own. Little wonder that we have been oohing and aahing at some of Ram’s developments.  Here are some recent ones.

– When I drop Ram at day care, he understands that this is where he is going to spend most of his day. He happily waves and says bye bye to me, and even before I can reciprocate the gesture he hurries up to shut the door. Likewise, when I go to pick him up he would take his lunch bag from its designated spot and wave bye bye to his caretakers. The beauty of consistency and routine.

– Sure, being a second child has its advantages. For instance, the connection between a ball and a bat or a pen and paper comes naturally. When Ram sees a bat, he has to get hold of a ball as well. For now, he is happy to hand over the ball to one of us, and roam around the house with a bat in his hand.

– Ram loves playing catch with anna. You should see him trying to walk sooner than his little legs can carry him with a naughty smile on his lips when Hari calls out for him to play catch. When it comes to going out, appa is the man even when amma is dressed in jacket and shoes. But when it’s time to eat, nap, or some TLC, he is a mommy magnet just like anna.

– If you thought that Hari can boss him just because he is older to him by six years, nothing is farther from the truth. Yeah, there are times when Hari would call him “Ram baby” with frustration in his voice, but the anna loves him too much to use his age as an excuse to be bossy. Ram for his part will put up a good fight and stand up for himself to make up for his size and age.

– Ram has taken to reading these days. His favorite book being Good Night Gorilla. He loves to see and point all the animals lined up behind the zoo keeper. He loves to flip the book in a hurry as though he cannot wait to see what’s happening next although it’s the same sequence every time he reads the book. The wonder never ceases.  I love to see Hari drop everything and gravitate towards us when I am reading to Ram. Very nice to see that at a time when he has graduated to reading by himself, he still takes delight in skimming through board books.

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Kindle Fire

We have consciously succumbed to the hoopla surrounding the Kindle Fire.

The gadget is doing the rounds between the husband and the first child, so honestly I do not have much to say. In the five minutes I spent on the ereader, I loved the easy access to dictionary, but hated not knowing the size, color, and volume of the book I was reading. I am patiently waiting for my turn to unravel the experience that the gadget has to offer while happily thumbing the 600+ page biography of Steve Jobs by Walter Issacson, which carries Steve’s elegant black and white picture on the cover page that reminds me of his colorful personality and his penchant for simplicity  every time I use the flap as a bookmark. An experience that I know will be a trade off with the Kindle

Da, an early adopter of digital reading and a voracious reader, thinks that for a book lover access to books could not have gotten any easier or better. Did you know libraries lend ebooks that can be downloaded to ereaders? Amazon has come up with book lending programs as well. For a person like me who doesn’t necessarily buy every book she reads and relies on the big annual sale organized by the local library to add to her collection, this developement is one less reason to not resist ereaders.

Hari, whose main attraction to the Kindle is Angry Birds, has taken to reading on the Kindle with much delight.  The usage rules have been made crystal clear. While unlimited reading on the Kindle is allowed on a daily basis, video games will be confined to 20 mins per day only during weekends and Holidays. Bed time reading will continue to be non-digital reading. Ram, who loves holding his board books, turning and feeling the pages and taking delight in the pictures, may have opportunities to listen to the Angry Birds tune on the Kindle.

Enough of my Kindle story. Tell me yours. Have you tried your hands on ereaders? what has your experience been? What do you like and not like about the experience? what is on your reading list?