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It’s 11:40 P.M. as I sit down to type this post. About an hour after the serial lights that adorn our house were programmed to go off. About two hours after Hari rushed upstairs to slip into the warmth of the comforter before Santa could see him. “Amma, how will Santa get down the chimney? how will he climb up? will he be invisible? is Jesus Christ his dad? do you believe in Jesus Christ? what if your parents chewed the cookies and Santa is not real?” There was a part of him that was trying to put the different pieces together and solve the mystery that Santa is. And then there was a part of him that wanted to soak and believe in the magic.  “Mama, I think Santa would have crossed the Atlantic. I think he would have dropped presents in Africa.” As he inched closer to the evening, he was bursting with excitement. He simply couldn’t’t stop thinking and asking about Santa.

We tracked Santa like we have done in the past. We baked cookies like we have done in the  past. Except that this time, Hari was the doer and I was the helper.  We headed out to spend Christmas eve with a good family friend like we have done in the past. Santa has left presents wrapped in red, and has gobbled up two oatmeal cookies and about three fourth glass of milk, like he has done in the past. Hari did not make a list this year. “Amma I don’t want Santa to think that I am a greedy person. I will take whatever he gives. And I also want to be surprised.”

Today is also Hanumath Jeyanthi. After baking cookies for the most beloved Saint, I made some therati pal for the son of Wind God. We recited Rama Narayana and Hanum Chalisa with M.S., and payed our tributes to the Monkey God before switching to the tune of “On the first day of Christmas”, and “Joy to the world”.

I love sweet coincidences like today. When what is inherently our tradition intersects with the traditions we have created for ourselves. Like I said to Hari, “We have the best of both the worlds!”.  A very merry Christmas and Happy Hanumath Jeyanthi to you all.