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Living a dream

I could feel butterflies in my stomach. Understandably so. After all, this was my first time presenting to an audience of this size and nature. The message had to be simple, clear, and crisp for the slightest chance of holding their attention. I prepared as best as I could. I researched, took notes, and came up with a couple of ideas that would foster discussion. I wanted to do good from the bottom of my heart.

They trickled in one after the other. I said a small prayer, and distributed the materials. It was a mixed audience ranging from those that were bursting with enthusiasm to participate to those that couldn’t stop yawning. I have wanted to do this for a long time. Now that I had the opportunity, I decided to be in the moment, and give it my all. That’s exactly what I did, and before I knew it, it was time to disperse. I heaved a sigh of contentment, and thought to myself  – not bad, huh?

As I drove back home with Hari in the backseat, I asked my usual question, “How was class today Hari? how did you find it? boring? fun? what did you think?” And he replied, “Mama, you were good!” You see my audience today was Hari and his friends at culture class in his Sunday school where I have been assisting since the start of the academic year.