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The three A’s

From awareness comes acceptance. From acceptance comes action. For the past few days, the three A’s – Awareness, Acceptance and Action – has been a recurrent theme as I meander my way through the everyday maze of life.

Lately, I have been trying to practice living in the now, particularly when the now is unpleasant. For instance in moments of anger, irritability, frustration, and stress. Instead of having knee jerk reactions and erupting like a volcano, which is nothing but disruptive,  I am teaching myself to feel and acknowledge the emotion. The few times I have been able to put this philosophy to practice, I realize that when I become aware of what I feel, I am able to move from a position of denial to that of acceptance. I am able to distance myself from the emotion and gain clarity around what’s causing it, making it easier to act on it.

This awareness, acceptance and action philosophy is humbling and empowering at the same time. It makes me realize that as a human I am susceptible to these emotions, and that as a human I am also capable of handling these emotions with grace.

The inspiration to practice this comes from Shubha, who lucidly writes about her journey to living in the present. Thank you for sharing your experiences Shubha.

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Of emoticons

In my opinion, emoticons dilute the power of words. To me, adding a smilie face  after a blog post or a comment is an attempt to prompt someone to smile, a reinforcement that the content is suppose to be taken in lighter vein irrespective of how it sounds.  Like how you have fake laughs in T.V. sitcoms to imply that a certain scene is meant to be funny.  The only place I find a role for emoticons is in an instant messenger, which I seldom use these days. Considering that using emoticons has become the norm these days, I have been wondering if the lack of emoticons in my posts or emails or comments, make them dry and bereft of life.

I am really curious to know what you think. Do you think emoticons are good tools to support the tone of your message? or do you think they are unnecessary accessories that have made themselves necessary due to wide usage?