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Little Moments Thursday

Thankful for the little moments that made my week.

  • Coming home with the christmas songs playing as the christmas tree is being set up.
  • I made the mistake of telling Hari that I am lacking motivation to work out. And the child has taken upon himself to be my coach. “You can do it girl,” “Atta girl.” I moan and groan as he cheers me. 
  • Tinkered with my Linkedin profile, expanded my network, and got it in decent shape. This would be my gold star for the week as I have been procrastinating on this task forever.
  • Watching Ram and his Destination Imagination buddies problem solve and work on Instant Challenges. I can never stop marveling at how well children at figuring it out on their own.
  • Memorizing accham illai accham illai with Ram. There used to be a time when the poem was an inspiration, now the gratitication is from the time spent with the child.
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Wednesday yoga

I went for yoga class today at work after a long break. Throughout the session, the instructor reminded us. To not rush. To pause. To ease into our body’s rhythm. There is a place of quiet within all of us, a place of sanity, and clarity that is available to us at all times. And those few minutes of savasana was utter bliss. No rehashing of the same thoughts or getting lost in the drama in your head. Just being there in that moment. 

For that one hour, it feels like you are transported to a different a world, a world where you are not running behind time or chasing deadlines or checking things off your to do list. It’s peaceful. It’s timeless. Much thanks to my workplace and the yoga instructor for this hour of calm. 

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Online communities

“Looking for recommendations for places where I can get cookie cake for my son’s b’day party. Any suggestions? Thanks in Advance.” I post in the FaceBook page of my local community. Over the span of the day, ten strangers comment with references, pictures, and suggestions.

I am looking for daybed covers in Wayfair. I find one that I quite like but I am still not feeling confident enough. I see 52 people have given their reviews and overall it has a four star rating. My confidence goes a notch higher as I read the reviews. I punch in my credit card feeling like I have taken a well informed decision. All from the comfort of my home.

My thanks today goes to online communities, a bunch of people coming together to share their experiences and exchange ideas, so we all can benefit from each other. 

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Long day

What am I thankful for today? The bunk bed on which I am lying down, the comfy blue robe that I am wearing,  and the luxury to go to bed early. There is no where else I would rather be. There is nothing I would rather do. More tomorrow!

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Thanksgiving Little Moments

In this part of the world, we had a nice long thanksgiving weekend. It was much needed break from all things routine. I am very thankful for,

  • An early relaxed start to the long weekend. I took the Wednesday off and our friends arrived that afternoon. It set the right mood for the break.
  • A full house with four adults and five kids, all having their kind of fun. Late night chit chatting and movie watching, video gaming, some crafting and dancing thrown in the mix.  No expectations, no obligations. Just us being us.
  • Friends coming together to celebrate Hari, who is lucky to have uncles and aunts who bypass his parents to know what he truly wants for his special day, and buying it for him in a heartbeat.
  • Cold weather, which meant we were not tempted to step outside but spend quality time huddled together under the same roof.
  • A sickness free weekend. Didn’t want to send our little and not so little visitors with pesky germs.
  • Lots and lots of hugs, cuddles, kisses, and tenderness from twin darlings!
  • Wardrobe exchange. The clothes have had a good life doing their rounds from one child to the other.

Hope you are feeling refreshed and are getting geared up for the work week. Tudlu for now!

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I Love Yous

“Amma, I love you more than you love me,” “Bye bye anna, love you so much,” “Love you appa. You are the best”

Hari and Ram are lavish when it comes to saying I love yous, and most of the time, they don’t say it lightly or for the sake of saying it. They mean it when they say it. They say it with love. They say it with gratitude. I know it because as someone at the receiving end I feel that I am loved and cherished. I offer my gratitude for the verbal expression of their affection for me.